Anatomy of a Tom Sales Call – Part One

The first call in this series (253-246-8535) came in the afternoon of October 12th and was not answered. I was confident that it was Tom (or another unlawful caller) and I didn’t have to wait long to be proven right.

The next day I received a call in the morning and was able to answer it. To no surprise it was our old friend Tom with Home Protection. One thing about a voice response, computer based, pre-recorded call, he never gets tired. I answered in the affirmative to his questions in order to navigate the screening process and was thus connected to a live operator:

The operator refused to provide her name but said she was calling for Maximum Security Alarm. I played along and then asked, “could I get your phone number in case we get disconnected?” and she replied there was no way to call back. I said, “no problem what’s the main number for Maximum Security Alarm?” She didn’t know, had no interest in asking anyone and said to “just look it up on the internet”. Wow!

But no need to let that easy one go, so I seemed confused, “you don’t know the phone number where you work?” and she said it was a call center. I inquired “Great, what’s the name of your call center”, and she responded “We’re not allowed to say”.

Then it got a bit adversarial. I responded with, “But of course you must be licensed in my State of Texas, so what’s the license number and name of the firm, it’s public information”.

Irritated she said they were licensed and bonded in all the states they work in.

AND THEN SHE HUNG UP! Classic, unprofessional, irritating conduct from a bad actor who should NOT have a license to do business in my state (or anywhere else).

Like clockwork. An unlawful call, refusing to properly identify the licensed dealer, and knowing there was no sale a nice disconnect.

But I have the name of the dealer, who it turns out is licensed in my State of Texas as Max Security Alarm (a DBA), and the investigation begins.


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  1. clearly not going to says:

    I’ve also had calls from Tom the Home Protection guy from these numbers: 603-214-3653, 603-214-3655 & 253-246-8553. I’ve called the numbers back (with my caller ID blocked, of course) and a recording comes on thats states if I want to bee taken off their caller list to enter my phone number. So what I do instead of entering my own number is punch in the phone numbers of the other telemarketer numbers. I’m getting pretty fed up with Tom. Once I even used my whistle to blow out their ear drum. Worked for a while there.

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