We Must Stop Tom!

I know that you get these calls too. They start with “Hi, this is Tom with Home Protection” and quickly work to qualify you as a sales lead for a home security alarm dealer. I’ve been getting these calls for quite some time now and I’m just fed up. The more I attempt to get off their calling list, the more calls I get. Not just from “Tom” but from all sorts of vendors. Once they realize the number is in service, the hammer dialing begins.

Keep in mind these are almost always calls to my wireless number, which are without debate unlawful. I have not given ANYONE permission, written or otherwise to call this number. I do not provide it to anyone either as I use a Google voice number to forward calls to my cell so I can easily block them. Make no mistake, when the cell rings (and it’s not my spouse) I know it is almost surely an unlawful, telemarketing sales call.

The security industry has been the most persistent. My attempts to uncover the actual telemarketing company behind the calls have been blocked by “Authorized Dealers” of the largest monitoring companies, as well as the monitoring companies themselves. My tenacity has been met with denial, delay, and distraction. In general the Dealer will not take a call above the hourly, customer service rep level. Once they realize my resolve, the calls are routed to the legal department (or a dead voice mail box). Most recently, one of the largest monitoring companies refused to even accept a verbal complaint about a dealer, offering to just put me on a do not call list. After a call to their a parent company, I received a call from an attorney (outside counsel) who advised me that they have obtained legal counsel and all further communication should be directed to the law firm. Think they’re concerned about serious liability? I do.

With a little organization, focus, and luck we will hold these people responsible.

Stay tuned. You called the wrong guy one too many times.


2 Responses to We Must Stop Tom!

  1. Ed says:

    If you have any legal questions I have personal relations with lawyers who could probably answer questions that you would normally have to pay for. Just let me know. I am also pestered by Tom and would love to put Tom and his fellow employees out of business.

  2. Ed says:

    BTW, these scumbags get their lists from sites like thelistguy.com. Poor schmucks who think they can get rich the fast way sign up for information on home businesses on shady websites. These operators of these shady websites not only try to sell them crappy home business products, but also sell their contact information to list brokers.

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