Anatomy of a Tom Call – Part Two

According to one of their websites, “Maximum Security Alarm is the largest Authorized Monitronics Dealer in the nation serving California, Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We are the sales, installation and service arm of this business.”

So to be crystal clear, Monitronics does NOT have a direct sales force to market or install alarm systems, they depend on third-party dealers to do the heavy lifting.

Since I didn’t appreciate the hang up I did exactly what the caller suggested and looked up the main number on the web. I found this second website,, and the main phone number 916-564-6900.

I was connected with a service rep who identified herself only as “Camille”, no last name, no operator#, and a brief discussion occurred. After explaining that “Tom” had called me, she confirmed that they use a third-party firm to make calls but had zero information about it. Asked if they were licensed in Texas she said of course but could not provide a Texas Private Security Bureau license number. I was unable to find a license under the corporate name on the Texas PSB search engine, and only later discovered that they use a DBA in Texas, “Max Security Alarm”.

Unable to obtain answers to simple questions, I asked for a supervisor and wouldn’t you know it, Camille said they were BOTH in a meeting and will have to call back.  I was pretty aggressive and calmly asked her to stick her head in the door of the meeting room and tell the supervisor (that she refused to name) that an important call was on the line. She declined, stating that they were already upset that she had interrupted their meeting to ask about the Texas License  number (which nobody could provide it seems), According to my notes, she provided a second phone number 916-437-0900 that I could try.

In the next post I’ll describe my conversation with a third Maximum Security Alarm representative.


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  1. Dayv says:

    Looking forward to further updates on this. I’d love to see these guys do some jail time.

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