Tom doesn’t take holidays off: 503-457-1274

Well it’s a few days before Christmas and it’s a pleasure really irritating to see that Tom isn’t taking any time off for the holidays. Two new calls from a new number on December 22nd and 23rd continue the saga.

I missed both calls but I’m sure Tom will call again. I’ve been able to make some big leaps this week in identifying the people behind this, and I’m fairly amazed at the breadth and depth of the operation. Some of the key players are hidden in plain sight, and most seem to be acting like just plain old corporate folk. In fact one of the major players may have expanded the business with a federal govt. backed loan. It’s getting interesting.


While I was typing this post the phone rang and sure enough, our old friend Tom was ready to give me a free GE Home Security System for placing a sign in my yard. I played along and within a few minutes I got a call back from VMS ALARMS (Versatile Marketing Solutions Inc. MA Corp), Caller ID 469-941-4125 (a Dallas area code), but missed the call and they didn’t leave a message.

I called back both numbers, attempting to *67 Call Block, and the 503 number answered that they were unable to take calls with call block enabled. I could call back without call block and access their do not call request list. When I called the second time without *67, they still failed to identify themselves saying that the calls were “from, or on behalf of a commercial seller”. I could press “1” to be placed on their do-not-call list. UNACCEPTABLE.

The calls to the 469 area code were answered by a VMS Alarms voice tree: 3 for customers, 4 for Sales, 5 for Employment. I pressed 4 for sales and got a voice mail box for “Melody Victorian”.

I can verify personally that prerecorded, computer based calls from “Tom with Home Protection” are being used to generate sales leads for Monitronics largest dealer, VMS Alarms.

This is the third series of calls from VMS (Monitronics east coast dealer in RI), with prior calls from Maximum Security Alarms (west coast dealer in CA). Calls to Monitronics staff responsible for dealer supervision were met with only an offer to place any phone numbers I desire on their corporate DNC list which would be provided to the dealer in question. After I informed them that this was not acceptable, that I required the name of the alleged third party making the calls, they refused. Follow up calls to Monitronics parent, publicly traded Ascent Capital Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASCMA) got me a quick call back from an Attorney in Dallas claiming to be outside counsel for Monitronics. I didn’t realize that Ascent was part of John Malone’s Libert Media Group at one point, a minor mistake on my part. In hindsight the attorney call was an obvious move to slow me down, scare me off.

Like minded readers who are as outraged and irritated as I, should take pictures of their Caller ID Screens, and make notes about the call such as:

I answered (555-555-1234) and it was “Tom”.  That led to a call back from (555-555-1111)  XYZ DEALER and I’m in the State of Texas.

In the states where licensing is required and there is a regulatory scheme, like TX, CA, and FL, major markets for any business by the way, we will seek to revoke, or block renewal of the Dealer’s Alarm license. To do this we will need the data I outlined above, provided by residents of the specific state. In attempting to file complaints in UT and FL,  I was blocked as I am not a resident, and thus those particular states would not even accept a complaint report. The Utah regulator actually said I could file a complaint, but it would be  dismissed without even looking at it. Reason?  Not a resident of UT.

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3 Responses to Tom doesn’t take holidays off: 503-457-1274

  1. I have now become a victim of Tom. The best thing you can do is report this to your states attorney generals office. I reported Tom to the Ohio AG, and hopefully if enough AG’s receive these complaints they will step up the enforcement.

    • StopTom says:

      I agree that reporting the activity to the AG of your state is a good strategy. We know that one of “Tom’s” biggest customers, VMS Alarm (Versatile Marketing Solutions Inc.) HQ in Rhode Island, settled with the PA Attorney General for making unlawful calls into that state. VMS paid a modest amount and yet continues to make calls into my state of Texas. You might refer to the PA AG settlement in your complaint as this might move the file closer to the top of the stack.

      Also, I’ll check licensing rules for OH and see what might be helpful.

      Did you play along enough to get an “authorized dealer” involved? That’s who’s paying Tom by the way.

  2. Ed says:

    I’ve been receiving multiple calls from these folks, in violation of the federal do not call list. Further, they are calling my work cell phone, and I travel internationally on business. Even more interesting from what I’ve read on this website is that they already have had legal issues in Pennsylvania, where I live and where my phone number calls to. It seems that the are not grasping the law, or the power of the internet.

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