Need your help to identify these names

Need help identifying the names on this white board. The picture is believed to be from the office of a large dealer. I know that TSS is an off shore call center with an American subsidiary.

Can anyone identify the other listed names?

Email or comment please.


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  1. I want to help spread the word on what you are doing. I’ve added a blog entry with back links to your sites. I hope we can come together and get this illegal activity taken care of.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not sure what you’re looking for, but Warwick and Pawtucket are towns in Rhode Island.

    • StopTom says:

      @Anon 2:04PM
      Indeed those are both towns in RI but more likely they are shorthand for Call Centers or outsourced production for a large alarm dealer. I have a thick file on the TSS (BPO); Principals, current and former employees, U.S. and offshore addresses, corporate filings, and registered agents. These folks are in the thick of it as they say.

      I would be interested if anyone recognizes the other names, and it’s a poor picture I’ll admit. Attempts to enhance it provide little improvement. For example: “Elite” which appears easily MIGHT be a UK based call center, OR NOT. Any insight you or other readers can provide would be helpful.

      FYI: Please don’t use profanity in your fake email address in the comment box. It’s not helpful and makes one think you might work for Tom.

  3. Hilary says:

    Stumbled onto your site after I to got sick of the automated – but surprisingly well done- ‘conversations’, from the 503=457-1274 number. Am now getting these call from the 469-941-4125 number. No message being left. Gah!!

    CSI is typically one of the ‘Credit Systems International’ locations – they got a # transposed and started calling where I work to collect a debt – its was awful. They would believe that their system was possibly wrong and they had no reason to call. It was ridiculus. They kept calling and harassing us. Its another big bad company to have your # mixed up with. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are related on the corporate level.

  4. Resident47 says:

    The “Toll Gate” reference should also point to Warwick, specifically an area just southwest of TF Green airport and near a major commercial district. A high school, part of Route 115, and several business and medical offices bear the “Toll Gate” name.

    Handwriting analysis on a low-res mobile phone shot is difficult, but if I squint at the last item in green it may say “Warren”. This is a town directly east of Warwick in the more tony Bristol County.

  5. Matt says:

    Good site, thanks for the info. Anybody know how are they getting all of these phone numbers? Are these numbers public record when you sign up / renew your alarm permit with the city? We have an alarm at our house and i can’t imagine the alarm company or monitoring company we currently use would distribute their customers’ numbers to a competitor.

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