Tom and the Dallas TX Office of VMS Alarms

Well another day and another call from Tom, this time on a Google Voice account (formerly Grand Central) we’ve had for years now. This time was a little different, with the follow up call coming from my home state of Texas. It seems that VMS Alarms has formally established a presence in the Dallas area.  For some reason Google was having trouble passing the call to my home phone so VMS called back repeatedly from the following numbers:








and finally 4136:

I’ve been increasingly irritated by the misleading and down right false statements made by VMS reps and their Managers.This call was no different so it is obviously part of the phone script used by VMS.

1. This is Paul with “the alarm company”

Actually that is not true, he is with Versatile Marketing Solutions or VMS Alarms. Is the phrase “the alarm company” designed to make the recipient think that the caller represents THEIR current company? I don’t know the purpose of not using the actual name.

2. Regarding General Electric and free equipment: “They run the promotion”

Implying that GE is giving away free equipment??

3. Regarding “Award winning five diamond monitoring”, I asked does your company do the monitoring? Answer: YES.

Actually  NO.  Monitronics does.

4. “We’ll move your system free of charge if you move”.

Based on complaints across the web this doesn’t appear to be true, but I’d be happy to review a contract provided by VMS and see if it’s a true statement.

When Paul got to the stage where he wanted to verify home ownership he asked for my address which I declined to provide. He provided an address in our metro area which I was unable to verify on the County Appraisal District records. The street and zip are valid but the house number is not.

When I began asking Paul questions like, “what is your last name Paul?”, he declined saying he could give his last initial. I told him it should be no problem since I was sure he had a TX Alarm Salesperson License and that his name is a public record. In fact I was looking it up online while we chatted at the Texas PSB web site. He then replied that he didn’t need a license as VMS is reputable company and they know the rules.

Suddenly a new voice came on the line and a manager who identified himself as Derek took over. I challenged Derek about using the name “the alarm company”, asking if it was in the script. Why would Paul use that phrase? Derek told me that VMS was not well known and that in case a child or someone answered the phone they would know “alarm company”.

I confirmed that they were calling from Dallas and then asked if he knew an entity called REDACTED. (I’ll provide this later as I don’t want to tip the group I’m investigating).

He said, oh you mean XYZ? (using an acronym for the legal name of the entity). I asked are they affiliated with VMS, and he replied that they do promotion work for them, that VMS sells and installs, and Monitronics buys the contract. He just described their business model.

The next question was too much for Derek: Do you share an office with them, are you in the same space?

And with that, a long pause (think I was on hold), and then Derek offered to give a direct number for Public Relations in Rhode Island. I told him that wouldn’t be helpful as I know far more about the whole operation than  he realizes and that he just confirmed the name of the off shore group  making the calls. THANK YOU!

IF YOU ARE IN TEXAS, please comment or send me an email and describe your experience.  A photo of your caller ID documenting the initial call would be a huge benefit. I am preparing the investigative file for a number of regulators and would be very helpful to include evidence from other Texas residents. (Create a new Google email address for this purpose  if you prefer confidentiality)

I will be filing formal complaints, (request for criminal investigation, license suspension-revocation) shortly with the Texas Attorney General, District Attorneys of Harris, Tarrant, & Dallas Counties, Texas Private Security Bureau, Texas PUC, Electronic Security Association- Consumer Complaint of Member Conduct) and other State and Federal agencies.

As I told Derek, they called the wrong guy, too many times, and I will never go away until Tom and his friends do.



We got a few calls later in the day from Rhode Island. Google Voice requires the caller to state their name and a man said Aaron Gagnier, but he did not leave a message. I’ve chatted before with Aaron, who I’ve discovered knows all about the off shore call center.

This whole thing is about to break wide open.


7 Responses to Tom and the Dallas TX Office of VMS Alarms

  1. Dave Byers says:

    I’m from Texas and am keep getting calls from Tom – at least twice a month and they won’t stop.

    Number today is: 503-457-1274.


    • StopTom says:


      Please take the next call from “Tom” and play along until you get a dealer on the phone. It will probably be VMS (class action litigation ongoing in West Virginia) but who knows. Keep a pic of the caller ID if possible, or phone log-bill on your wireless.

      We will simply get their state issued licensed revoked or block renewal. Stay in touch and share what you learn, either on the site or via email to helpstoptom AT gmail.

      Thanks for your help!


  2. Dave B says:


    I did get another phone call last night again but now from a 253-246-8546 number. If I do get a dealer on the line, what next? Find out who they are and tell them to stop calling my cell? Like to give them a phony address and waste their time.


  3. O. says:

    I used to live in the Dallas area and still have my 971-area-code cell phone. I’ve been getting calls from Tom on-and-off for several years. Today’s call came from 425-390-8156.

  4. Bradley White says:

    Tom contacted me. I kept telling him “no” so he hung up on me.

  5. Frank says:

    VMS alarms is trying to hide now, they have changed their name to Alliance Security Inc. be on the look out for this new front and cover.

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