Tom plagues a DJ in Phoenix with Illegal Calls

A nice guy in the Phoenix area blogs about his experience with the unrelenting Tom. Like many of us, he hoped it would just go away, but Tom has been around for years, literally. Some of the post:

Over the last year I’ve been plagued with calls on my cell from a recorded message telemarketer. It all starts off with “Hi this is Tom with Home Protection“. From the first call I was sure it was a recording. I asked a couple of questions on a more personal note and the answers to my questions didn’t seem quite right.  Since then I’ve been called almost every day from different numbers but the same recording. It doesn’t seem to matter if I opt out by calling back and pressing “1″.  In fact, it just increases the number of calls I get. If I block the call on my Verizon account it’s quiet for about 4 days then a new number starts calling. Unfortunately, I’ve been silent, thinking this was going to go away on it’s own.

Keep in mind that every single call to his wireless number was an ILLEGAL call. Period.  As the FCC says, “…placing telemarketing calls to wireless phones is — and always has been — illegal in most cases”.  It’s just like a fax call, they’re using your resources (minutes) and that is banned by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). He goes on to point out that calling back and trying to “opt out” is just as big a scam, as his call volume actually increased. It’s time to put these guys out of business.

I would encourage our DJ friend to play along, get handed off to a Dealer, and find out who is paying Tom for the marketing. I know of a number of people in the Phoenix market associated with “Tom”, like  Maximum Security Alarm, including a  (Jared) Babe Kilgore, the Qualified Manager in Texas for Max Security. He’s the principal shareholder of Siren Inc, an alarm business that operated in Texas (as Siren-Texas Inc.) , with a current F rating by the BBB. I have a pretty thick file on these guys and yeah I’m going to start naming names. I’ve called Mr. Kilgore and left messages at his Phoenix office to discuss Tom and Maximum Security, but they were not returned.



3 Responses to Tom plagues a DJ in Phoenix with Illegal Calls

  1. Michael says:

    Thanks for all of your work on this! I’m looking forward to seeing where all of this goes.

    I also wanted to get your thoughts on the FTC case against Roy Cox:
    There’s a small mention of home security systems and I’ve gotten calls from “Rachel” too (though not nearly as many as I’ve received from “Tom”). Any chance this guy is related to “Tom”?

    • StopTom says:


      It’s possible that this FTC case is related to “Tom”, but of course the calls continue daily. My investigation leads me to think it’s both domestic and offshore. Thanks for the comment and please let us know the details of any Tom calls you’ve received, specifically the number, transfer (live or call back) and the Dealer involved. It’d be great if you are in my home state of TX.

      Email me directly if you prefer:

      helpstoptom AT gmail DOT com

  2. Bruce says:

    “Heather from Card Services” called again this week for the frist time in 3 years, same spiel about lowering the interest rate to 6.9% that’s been going on since she first called me in 2007 or earlier. The Heather blogsite, much like this one, had tracked down the mastermind to be Ran David Barnea, who is building an oceanfront mansion in Boca Raton, according to a North Carolina Dept. of Justice investigator looking into debt settlement company issues [Consumer law Group, now known as Consumer Attorneys of America, from Boca/Ft. Lauderdale area], also involving Barnea. But when the FTC busted the Card Services robo-dialers, few were in FL and Barnea was not named. 701-920-9550 and “Credit Services” on CID from Heather 2012. Offshore call center.

    701 has been a popular area code for robo dialers in 2011, as has Montana.

    Wonder where Roy Cox falls in?

    Anyone reading this blog get a junk fax from ADT? You should have seen the look on the rep’s face when he came out for an appointment and I asked him for a written DNC policy!

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