Update on who’s using “Tom” to generate prospects

Based on my investigation, the “Tom” calls are coming from across the home security industry. The major dealers of the largest monitoring companies are deeply involved. In general they deny any knowledge, although I have reports that some front line Alarm Sales Reps acknowledge that Tom works for them. A short sample includes:

VMS Alarms (RI) — Versatile Marketing Solutions Inc.- Monitronics Dealer

Maximum Security Alarm (CA) – Monitronics Dealer

Saveology (FL) — The Elephant Group Inc. – ADT Dealer

Vision Security (UT) — Security Networks Dealer

Keep in mind the dealers market, sell, and install (equipment), and get a lump sum payment for the value of the contract from the monitoring company. They use some of that cash to pay for Tom. The smoking gun would be to link “Tom” to a monitoring company directly but I think that will be difficult. There is no question that they know about it. I’ve personally communicated with executives with ADT and Monitronics about Tom. They disavow the calls, claiming it’s a dealer, not them. Convenient huh?

Stay tuned, I’ll be revealing the people behind these organizations soon. And remember:

EVERY SINGLE CALL TO YOUR WIRELESS PHONE (without your explicit permission) IS ILLEGAL.

Send tips and info to helpstoptom AT gmail or visit the “Help Stop Tom” Facebook Community.

Jim B.

Houston, TX


A year of calls; and yet we’re making progress

To all the readers, especially those who have posted details in the comments, or emailed a tip or lead, Thank You!

Mostly at this point I’m looking for corroboration of what I’ve already learned. I’ve mostly uncovered the identities of the people and companies behind this operation. Now I’m seeking to bolster my soon to be launched counter-offensive, and  I’ll need as much supporting material as possible.

We’re are making progress. I’ve spoken in detail with the Regulators in four states (TX, CA, UT, and FL), confirming the unlawful conduct of these operators. The loss of their operating permit in just a few key states will cripple their ability to fund these telemarketers. Remember that in the big states operating an Alarm Company without a permit is generally a crime of the felony nature.

And to those who think it will just stop. I’ve been getting calls for over a year now, and yet last night:

A call last evening at 8:11 pm CST, 503-457-1010. I answered to hear clicks, and waiting, waiting, clicks, maybe an operator will pick up, waiting, and after almost a full minute I hung up.I suspect it’s sniffing for valid numbers or they just didn’t have a rep available to take the call.

I called back and got the standard, “Thank you for calling back, please press 1 to be removed from our calling list”. Tom or his cousin.

They won’t stop until we make them.  Share your experience. Send the details of your interactions to me at the helpstoptom@gmail.com address, or post on Facebook.

Jim B.
Houston, TX

Tom used to be called Kevin

Before he was Tom, he was Kevin.

Source: http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-877-897-1993

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