Tom used to be called Kevin

Before he was Tom, he was Kevin.



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  1. Kelly says:

    I have the same problem! I get a call from “Tom” once or twice a day. I live in Austin, TX. I have received 7 calls in the last 6 days from 503-457-1274. I realize this is an automated voice response system. I have told it that I am not interested and to stop calling. It even seemed to understand this as it said, we will remove your from our call list. But they just keep calling! I finally just stopped answering and it continues to call. This is driving me nuts!

    • StopTom says:


      Have you played along with Tom long enough to get to a Dealer? In Houston it’s been VMS Alarms, Maximum Security Alarms, and Vision Security. Only VMS has any real presence in Texas, the others are like dust in the wind; they float in from CA and UT so it’s hard to actually hold them accountable.

      If you get a dealer, post the name, number, and details or send me an email with the info. IT WOULD REALLY HELP!

      We’re about to make a major push in Texas to sanction the companies behind these calls. I’ll publish the names and faces soon enough, but I don’t want to tip my hand until we have the best chance (and leverage) to deal a serious blow to these folks.

      That you are also in Texas is great. We need additional State residents to join the call for action when the time arrives. Please keep a pic of the Caller ID (land line) or a copy of your (wireless) call log and be prepared to help stop these guys.

      They’ve been at it for years. They won’t stop until we make them.

      Jim B.
      Houston, TX

  2. Brian says:

    Seems Tom may now be called Sean/Shawn… With Home and Family Protection. Exact same voice and nealy identical spiel… 503-457-1303

  3. CLC1905 says:

    Do you have any kind of master list of numbers that people could add into their call block lists and maybe keep a jump ahead? I know you want to gather as much info as possible but some folks may not have a commitment level as deep as your own and just want the hassle to stop, Now that I know about your project I will keep on the watch for a call from these folks- I am in Texas as well and I’ll add whatever info I can. I’ll post a list I have been keeping of the phone numbers that have used robocalling/Tom/Kevin/whoever home security that I have added to my call blocking. I haven’t confirmed each one by answering personally but have been amassing them via sites like 800-notes when people cross-reference other numbers with the same outcome. I hope it’s helpful in some way.
    (503) 457-1303 Robocaller re: Security
    (978) 570-2446 Robocaller re: Security
    (978) 570-2447 Robocaller re: Security
    (603) 214-3668 Robocaller re: Security
    (603) 214-9021 Robocaller same
    (603) 214-3679 Robocaller same
    (508) 475-1968 Robocaller ”
    (503) 457-1010 Robocaller ”
    (281) 918-3003 Robocaller ”
    (503) 468-5243 Robocaller
    (503) 902-8294 Robocaller
    (360) 529-6185 Robocaller
    (503) 468-5227 Robocaller
    (360) 529-6130 Robocaller
    (503) 457-1034 same
    (603) 214-3672 same
    (503) 457-1270 same
    (503) 457-1274 I think you get the picture…..
    (503) 563-0081
    (360) 529-6175
    (503) 457-1819
    (503) 457-1836
    (360) 382-1799

    Now that I look at it, it’s quite a list! I think it’s a toss-up between who is more annoying- “Tom” or the people who want to *give* you a free cruise if you’ll just answer a few survey questions. We get a lot of those calls too, and if you ever want to take them on I’ve got a doozy of list of them as well.

  4. Karen says:

    Tom calls my phone sometimes 5 or 6 times a day. I cannot get rid of him no matter what. I’m suppose to be on the “do not call” list but that is just a joke. I hope you find him and get rid of him it is all times of the day and night. He is a NOID to me!!!!

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