A year of calls; and yet we’re making progress

To all the readers, especially those who have posted details in the comments, or emailed a tip or lead, Thank You!

Mostly at this point I’m looking for corroboration of what I’ve already learned. I’ve mostly uncovered the identities of the people and companies behind this operation. Now I’m seeking to bolster my soon to be launched counter-offensive, and  I’ll need as much supporting material as possible.

We’re are making progress. I’ve spoken in detail with the Regulators in four states (TX, CA, UT, and FL), confirming the unlawful conduct of these operators. The loss of their operating permit in just a few key states will cripple their ability to fund these telemarketers. Remember that in the big states operating an Alarm Company without a permit is generally a crime of the felony nature.

And to those who think it will just stop. I’ve been getting calls for over a year now, and yet last night:

A call last evening at 8:11 pm CST, 503-457-1010. I answered to hear clicks, and waiting, waiting, clicks, maybe an operator will pick up, waiting, and after almost a full minute I hung up.I suspect it’s sniffing for valid numbers or they just didn’t have a rep available to take the call.

I called back and got the standard, “Thank you for calling back, please press 1 to be removed from our calling list”. Tom or his cousin.

They won’t stop until we make them.  Share your experience. Send the details of your interactions to me at the helpstoptom@gmail.com address, or post on Facebook.

Jim B.
Houston, TX

3 Responses to A year of calls; and yet we’re making progress

  1. Shawn says:

    Check out my spliced remix of this terribly annoying, yet catchy, automated voicemail message: http://soundcloud.com/shawnshine/hello-this-is-tom

  2. Nail Telelmarketers says:

    Keep up the great work. Its great to see someone focused on taking these illegal operations out. I am actually considering filing a federal lawsuit here in Colorado and am compiling information as well.

    These numbers aren’t only coming from “Tom” but they are also coming from “reduce your debt” robo calls from the same numbers. They try to skirt the law by using VOIP numbers from different companies. The main facilitator of “Tom” and “reduce your debt” calls is a company called T M Caller ID out of Portland, OR:


    They help with obtaining the numbers and front line the complaints (and quite rudely I must admit). In my actual investigation, they aren’t spoofing the numbers but mixing its use by offshore telemarketers to “barely” be legal. They will swap out the caller id name, but leave the number intact. Calls to the carriers that own the numbers are clearly aware of what is going on and they reference complaints back to T M CallerID. T M Caller ID has several complaints against them in the state of Oregon and have successfully fought a few lawsuits brought against them. They seem to be quite adept at the law and a defense.

    I really look forward to seeing what happens with “Tom”. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how this works out), this will be precedent for what continues unless some changes are made. I think that the VOIP carriers as well as companies like T M CallerID need to be held criminally liable under 18 U.S.C. § 371 Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States, USC 47 § 1029. Fraud and related activity in connection with access ­devices, USC 63 § 1343. Fraud by wire, radio, or television, USC 63 § 1342. Fictitious name or address, USC 63 § 1341. Fraud and Swindles. That is when this will stop.

    You may want to look at this posting here as it gives a good clear view of T M CallerID and how they play into this:


    Good luck and you have a lot of people watching your successes.

  3. nayte says:

    I have literally been receiving these calls for YEARS. At first I tried to get off the list or navigate to a person, now I just hang up. I am so irritated.. sometimes 3x a week… that’s a lot of irritation over several years. >>sigh<< please let me know when we can zap them with a laser gun or something.

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