BBB Boston issues an ALERT on VMS Alarms!

The Better Business Bureau of Boston has issued an alert on VMS Alarms (aka Versatile Marketing Solutions Inc.) of Warwick, Rhode Island. It seems that VMS representatives were claiming some type of relationship or sponsorship by the City of Boston. The complaints were credible enough for the BBB to issue an alert and place their status under review. Read more of this post


STICKY: To those anonymous alarm company employees leaving comments

To those anonymous individual(s) leaving comments:

1. I will not debate telemarketing statutes or FCC rules with you in the comments section. Alarm company employees can email me from a working address, not post anonymous claims.

2. If you believe a specific post is factually incorrect, then please identify it along with a citation or link to support your claim. Just saying that the FCC says it’s OK doesn’t meet the standard.

3. I have attempted to speak with Executives of every company listed on this site to discuss my complaints, many of which have nothing to do with the actual “Tom” call, but with claims made by the phone reps trying to sell an alarm system. Not a single Senior Manager would accept a call or speak with me about anything. If that has changed please email me the phone # and extension and I’ll be in touch.

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