STICKY: To those anonymous alarm company employees leaving comments

To those anonymous individual(s) leaving comments:

1. I will not debate telemarketing statutes or FCC rules with you in the comments section. Alarm company employees can email me from a working address, not post anonymous claims.

2. If you believe a specific post is factually incorrect, then please identify it along with a citation or link to support your claim. Just saying that the FCC says it’s OK doesn’t meet the standard.

3. I have attempted to speak with Executives of every company listed on this site to discuss my complaints, many of which have nothing to do with the actual “Tom” call, but with claims made by the phone reps trying to sell an alarm system. Not a single Senior Manager would accept a call or speak with me about anything. If that has changed please email me the phone # and extension and I’ll be in touch.

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12 Responses to STICKY: To those anonymous alarm company employees leaving comments

  1. Miguel says:

    Quick thought – how about we have our own “Tom” answer the calls? bait their Tom to transfer to a live rep and then tie him/her up on meaningless chatter. Enough of these going around should start making a dent financially to whatever company employs “Tom”

  2. StopTom says:

    I’ll post a single excerpt from one of the many anonymous comments:

    “I am an executive of one of these companies, and you’ve never made it to me. If you tried, you would easily get to me, my company has zero tolerance for compliance issues…”

    Great! Then email me your phone number and extension and I’ll be happy to call you. It’s easy to make anonymous claims. And by the way, Executive to me means a Corporate Officer, not a customer service manager.

  3. NotInterested says:

    Dear anonymous,

    “I am an executive of one of these companies, and you’ve never made it to me. If you tried, you would easily get to me, my company has zero tolerance for compliance issues…”

    Please further define ‘zero tolerance’. If you are using the Merriam-Webster definition, as I am, you must mean any of the following:
    “1 : the numerical symbol 0 meaning the absence of all magnitude or quantity — see NUMBER table
    2 a : a point (as on a scale) from which measurements are made b : a value or reading of zero; especially : the temperature shown by the zero mark on a thermometer
    3 : something or someone of no importance
    4 : the lowest point

    So, basically, you are the opposite of the scale of measurable tolerance for compliance issues, which would mean “no” or “absolutely none”. If that is truly the case, why do your marketing companies continue to break federal legislation prohibiting calls to people on the DO NOT CALL list, or automated calls made to ANY cell phone? And they ARE your marketing companies if they are able to connect customers to you directly, unless that is just some great coincidence. Or are you actually saying what we already all know: you have NO PATIENCE FOR FOLLOWING COMPLIANCE. That seems more to the point.

    The reason why and so cleverly masked their real identities is because 1) StopTom HAS done his research and points out your illegal activities to others, and 2) He provides information to people who are having similar problems, and acts selflessly to this end, therefor quantifying StopTom to having a life, unlike shady, bottom-feeding scam artists who are only interested in parting people with their hard-earned income, whether through deception or attrition.

    We here are not interested in your product, a fact that does not seem to keep you from repeatedly calling our numbers several times a day, even after we tell you how we are not interested. It does not seem to matter. I have done my research. You are breaking the law. If you do not believe me, here are some links for your research:

    Thank you for your time,

  4. drew says:

    I’ve taken a different tact now. I either schedule them to come out to my house on a day I’m not there, or I start asking extremely personal questions that have nothing to do with alarm systems. It doesn’t make the calls go away, but I somehow feel better 🙂

  5. shannon says:

    I work for one of the company’s tom gets leads for and actually got a call myself from tom wow he IS annoying . But one thing I know from working there is a lot for the live people you get are good people trying to make a living. If we keep pushing all that will happen is it will be an out sourced job. Hell at least they company employs americans just trying to feed their families and where else is hiring right now .

    • Clark says:

      Shannon, are you f$$$$$ing serious? Telemarketers and those who hire telemarketing machines are not good people trying to make a living anymore than the mafia peons are. These people prey on those who are gullible, old or both. If you have to find a job doing that, you are the sleaze of the earth.

  6. Matthew says:

    “Shannon”, two wrongs do not make a right. Tell your employer to stop using illegal marketing practices AND not to outsource.

  7. gyrop says:

    Any updates on progress? Has anyone tried filing a police report, just so that a file is built. An individual won’t make a difference, but they can only ignore so many reports of harrassment, which is what this is. I get multiple calls a day. Thinking of changing my number, but would rather not.

  8. ab says:

    I’ve been getting these calls several times a week for the past several months, call back to get off their list and came to a point today when it refused to take my request to get off the list. Never have I felt this frustrated with something that I would actually look it up and find that so many others have the same issue. Tried the do not call list complaint form online each time with nothing being done. Interesting to ready your research. Had no idea where or why we would get these calls, especially since we already have a security system on our home.

  9. Phil says:

    I live in NY and have been getting these calls for over a year now, sometimes several times a day. Sometimes it’s left as a voicemail, sometimes Tom calls from another number. “Hi, this is Tom from Home Security,” yada, yada, yada… I will go out of my way to NOT USE any of the products that Tom is peddling. He has cost me time, he has aggravated me, and uses up my cell phone minutes. I hope more people will report this harassment.

  10. SK says:

    I’ve been getting calls on both my home and cell numbers since last summer. I was able to stop the automated calls by doing the “press 1 to remove from the list”, but am unable to stop ‘Tom’ the human. Just now filed DNC complaints for each of the 11 times I’ve been called since March 19. I’ve also asked ‘Tom’ questions about his company, etc. (without answering his homeowner verification question) until he just hangs up on me. I’m kicking myself that haven’t kept track of earlier calls – the 11 complaints I filed tonight were those still listed on my caller ID screens. I won’t let on to ‘Tom’ my extreme annoyance and frustration, but I’ll do anything legal to stop those calls.

    And sadly, I’m somewhat encouraged that others are in the same battle. I didn’t know what I could do about the situation by myself, but I’m certainly willing to be a part of a group cause!

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