Update: Stop Tom has been busy!

Like most readers, I have primary responsibilities which include running a business and raising a family that are way more important than investigating the home security alarm industry. But I have put hundreds and hundreds of hours of work into exposing these folks for the shameless bad actors I believe them to be and it was time for someone to take a stand. I felt all along that sooner or later, those who were wronged by the owners and executives of these alarm dealers and affiliates, would provide a tip or lead that would be gold. They have in spades.

Tipsters provide credible leads and information almost daily. The messages range from moral support like “thanks for doing this”, to specific and detailed information which helps identify the people and companies behind this long time scheme. Things have move pretty quickly in the last few weeks and I’ve been very busy behind the scenes.

Mostly I’ve been following up on leads by pouring through documents which include (public) state corporate filings, patent records, alarm licensing data, state and federal civil lawsuits, criminal records, and county property records. In addition I’ve spent time on the phone with Senior Security Alarm Regulators in several states, an Asst. Attorney General, local Police Departments, and several current and former alarm employees.

This huge operation stretches from California, across Utah, Nevada and Arizona, into Texas and Mississippi; from Illinois and Ohio, through Massachusetts and Rhode Island down to Florida. With cheap VOIP, calls are easily initiated from India, the Philippines, or even Nicaragua. This is the beauty of the “Tom” scheme, as it doesn’t require a pleasant voice with an American accent. Anyone who can understand American English can press a button and launch prerecorded clips made by a very professional voice actor.  It’s pretty impressive if you think about it.

Keep the tips and information coming and if you are in Texas or California please send me an email. I can use some specific help from residents of those two states, not related to litigation but rather with alleged violations of state alarm operator statutes.

Thanks and more to come!



2 Responses to Update: Stop Tom has been busy!

  1. Julie says:

    I’m in NYC…have been receiving multiple calls from this number (at least 4) PER DAY! What can be done aside from changing my number?

    • StopTom says:

      The short term solution is to take the call and get directed to a local dealer. It’s the only way to disrupt the calls in the short term. Once you get a dealer, make it clear that you wish to be on their DNC. Be firm but do not be aggressive or use profanity. Although this will help in the short run, long term they simply will not stop. You will almost certainly get calls from other “tom” vendors. Until we can sanction the parties responsible, likely through State security alarm regulators, the calls won’t stop. Too much money with very little financial risk. The dealers themselves are almost all judgment proof with few corporate assets to go after.

      Case in point: Maximum Security Alarm, Sacramento CA and the Higgins family. Tens of thousands of dollars in adverse judgements against them I’m not aware of any collections, and they’re still calling today. See the Sacramento County Court records online. Easy to look up.

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