Joe Calls Back! Clueless That We Talked a Few Hours Ago

Joe was nice enough to be persistent and call back again from the same bogus, disconnected phone number that appears on the caller ID. He had no idea that he hung up on me a few hours ago when  I nicely asked him what dealer he’s with.

Here’s a  recap of his script:

–“We’re a franchise here that covers the entire state” DIRECT QUOTE!

— Before we get too far are you the owner of the home?

— OK our system is two way voice like ONSTAR are you familiar with ONSTAR? It’s just like it.

–OK we give you all the protection you need, how many doors to the outside do you have?

— We give all the equipment and installation to you for free you just pay for the service which is $39.99 a month.

–How long have you been in your home? Well we’ll give you a certificate for your insurance and you can save 10-20%

–To get started I’ll need to run a ‘utility check’ are the utilities in your name?

–OK, what’s your name?

–OK what’s your address?

At that point I said, well I’m happy to give you my info as needed but you never even said the name of your company. He quickly replied HONEYWELL. I’m with HONEYWELL. So I tried to gently confirm what he just stated by asking if he worked for a dealer or HONEYWELL. He was emphatic that he was with HONEYWELL. Now, remember earlier this morning he was with “NEW HOME ALARMS” of Tuscaloosa, AL.

I couldn’t stand it and didn’t want to waste any more time, he wasn’t going to reveal anything. I flatly told him that I knew he was lying and that he was clueless about calling earlier and hanging up on me when I asked if he was with ISI ALARMS. He was pretty arrogant and then said he was actually with ADT Corporate. Huh??? And yes, he hung up.

FYI: HONEYWELL is aware of the calls. I spoke with a rep named Christine on 3/29 @ 11;10 am when I reported the first call from a FL number. Since then I’ve had many more calls as related in the previous post. Christine said that she was aware of the calls, that she’d personally taken several complaint calls in the last few days. She said she would pass my complaint to corporate / legal for their information.

I called again today (1-800-573-0154) and made another complaint after this simply outrageous phone call. Jonea took my complaint and lead me to believe that these complaints are being sent to the District Managers for follow up. It’s my impression that they have had many, many complaints. I do not know if HONEYWELL is a passive player willing to look the other way for these dealers, or if they’re like some of the big monitoring companies who know full well and just don’t care.

I specifically asked for a call back but we’ll see.


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