Security Alarm Sales Caller worried about lawsuit!

The people behind these security alarm sales calls seem to be getting more cautious. Generally, after a series of calls from a particular phone number I’ll answer and try to determine which dealer and monitoring company is involved. But like you I’m busy so it might take a few calls before I have time to listen to a sales pitch. What I do know is that they rarely if ever will identify themselves at the beginning of the call. In my opinion, this failure is the major violation and of course we know why. They don’t wish to reveal themselves to those who aren’t interested in case it’s someone who plans to hold them accountable through a lawsuit. Here’s a great example:

So for a few days I had numerous calls from this number, as well as similar 971-220-xxxx numbers, that I was unable to answer. The April 5th group included two calls almost back to back ,yet I didn’t connect or speak to anyone. I knew I wouldn’t have long to wait and sure enough Monday morning the phone rings:

I wasn’t in a mood to chat very long so a guy named “Joe” answered and asked if I was interested in a security alarm system.

I bluntly asked him, “Is this ISI Alarms from North Carolina?”, a dealer that called me twice recently and he quickly popped off, “NO, this is ‘New Home Alarm’ in Tuscaloosa Alabama, (pause) it sounds like you’re trying to sue somebody!”

“No”, I replied,  “I just want to know who’s calling”, and with that he hung up.

These are the type of calls that really irritate me. The explicit acknowledgement that they do not wish to reveal themselves because they’re afraid of being sued. Here’s how they hide from the regulators and the citizens who wish to sue them:

We will STOP TOM and his friends!


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  1. Justin D says:

    I’m glad someone is making a stand against this nonsense. I have a list of about 70 phone numbers they have used to call my cell phone over the last 18+ months, they are being purposely deceptive. They should pay for all the aggrevation they’ve caused America.

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