253-246-8514 Calling John in Michigan

John in Michigan has been pounded by calls, ”  I get at least 10 or 20 spam calls or texts for every real call I get.”  So today he sent me  this picture of his cell phone screen. We recognize the numbers as those of the usual suspects. I bet there are hundreds of thousands of Americans in exactly our situation. Had a conversation with anyone from these numbers? Let me know!

He’s not the only one:

UPDATE:This post is a follow up to the original.


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  1. I was just called by 253 246 851*5* and Wednesday I received a call at a different number (971-220-1003) from the same guy. Clearly the FCC must be able to track this guy and arrest him for harassment. It’s one thing to get busted telemarketing. It’s simply harrassment to call the same people multiple times a week.

  2. sam says:

    been called by 253 246 8514 SIXTEEN TIMES TODAY

  3. D says:

    I am so glad you took the time to share the information that you’ve taken the time to investigate. Your results are helpful, so thank you very much for allowing the rest of us to see who is really behind these annoying and relentless telemarketing phone calls.

  4. Michael says:

    VIVINT HOME SECURITY / AUTOMATION (WWW.VIVINT.COM) is the culprit behind the telemarketers calling me almost daily. Their number is 877-404-4131 (my recent telemarketer’s extension is #55052). After their most recent call, I decided I would be patient and answer all their questions in an attempt to earn more about the company behind the calls. So after about a half hour, I said the battery power on my phone was about to expire and asked if there was a number I could call them back at from another phone. The caller trusted that I was a real potential buyer and finally gave me the telephone number and company information. NOW, IF YOU ARE ALSO ANNOYED BY THESE CALLS, PEASE KNOW YOUR RIGHTS BY VISITING: http://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/coldcall.htm or you can also visit http://www.donotcall.gov or call toll-free 1-888-382-1222.

    We need to band together to stop disruptive callers ie this company.

  5. TKO says:

    Google: vivint “board of directors” (with the quotes as they are), scroll down to the LinkedIn profile for the name of the CFO of the company.
    The person that started the company (based on the story on their website) is listed as CEO of Apx Alarms. Also listed is corporate controller and treasurer of company and other company higher ups if you click around on their names.
    just trying to be helpful…..

  6. shaft says:

    I receive dozens a month from several numbers all leading back to this same SCAM. I have filed complints with the DO NOTHING FCC/Feds many times and now I think it is worse. Starting to thing the Feds are really doing this cause it got worse right after filing last complaint. I realize posting here will not stop this but I do feel better.

  7. ozcat says:

    you guys have to understand that the different phone numbers from different locations are coming from the same place. It is a ghosting method that telemarketers use to prevent from being tracked. The only thing you can do is to answer the call and somehow coax them into giving you their direct number.

    latest number from same “tom home protection” calls i have gotten every morning


    good luck

  8. Sandra Ray says:

    They called me at 10:30pm last night after 5 calls during the day. Someone needs to report them.

  9. Dave says:

    I have been bombarded from the robo caller from this number over the past couple days, at 4-5 calls a day. Calling back gives you the option to press 1 in hopes of removing your number from the call list, but it has not achieved anything so far. My cell is also on the national do not call list.

  10. jfaraday says:

    Several calls a day from 253-246-8514. GAH.

  11. K. Smith says:

    253-246-8514 has called me 4 times in 10 min. From Tom’s Home Protection Company. I stopped him dead in his tracks and told him my number was on the National Do No Call List. He immediately apologized and said he would take my number off the list. Let’s see if this happens!!

    • Jenna says:

      Yes, I spoke to him a couple of months ago and told him that it was illegal for him to call my cell phone PLUS it was on the DNC list as well. He apologized and said my number would be removed. But in a month’s time “he” started calling again, but from a different number. There’s no getting rid of this scam.

  12. Violet Curtis says:

    I went to Vivint Website. http://www.vivint.com
    I called their customer service number (for those who HAVE their Home Protection System) 1-800-216-5232, and spoke to a cust svs rep Brendan.
    (I tried to be courteous to him, since he has nothing to do with sales, and knows nothing about what is going on. He is cust service for people who have their system – glitches in system, etc.. Besides which, yelling at him would not have gotten me anywhere…)

    Anyhow, he spoke to a supervisor, and put in a request to put my phone number on THEIR DNC list. He said might take up to 48 hours.
    He tried to say that they might have my number in error, asked was I sure that it was Vivint, etc etc. I told him I was 120% sure, and that there were hundreds of people country-wide with the same problem, not just me, that it is illegal, etc………. but he has no connection to the sales, I understand that.

    Anyhow, I asked him how I would be able to make further contact to the company if this continued, and he suggested that I could email support@vivint.com

    I also found on their website, (don’t know if this is correct or up to date):
    Supposedly, the Director of Sales, Howard Cooper, 801-705-8079 is to be contacted for complaints about door to door sales…. but perhaps he could also take our robocall telemarketing complaints? He (supposedly) can also be reached at repverify@vivint.com.
    If i continue to get these calls, I will try to reach Howard Cooper.
    For your information: the website with their management team is http://www.vivint.com/leadership.
    I would like to find phone numbers, home phone numbers, and email addresses for the CEO and COO etc and really blast THEM the way they are torturing us!!

  13. renee says:

    i got the same phone calls today from the 253-246-8514 number. they had already called me 3 times today. i used to get calls from numbers such as, 503-902-8279 and 614-345-2727. i am going to guess that they’re all from the same company. it is really starting to annoy me and i guess if i have the numbers blocked that they’ll just find another number to call from. anyone have any suggestions of what exactly i should do? i answered the one phone call once and told them to stop calling and apparently they didn’t understand that.

  14. Julie says:

    253-246-8514: Thank you so much – this number (and close variants) has been calling me for months. I have reported different versions of it – sometimes calls from one will stop a while, but then I always get more, usually all from someplace in the Pacific Northwest.


  15. Joel says:

    I am occasionally bothered by tom. What I do is to add his latest number to my cell phone’s reject list. He may call again but I won’t know about it from that number. It usually takes a few weeks for him to call me from a different number, which I also add to my reject list. Check your cell phone provider to see if you have that option. My provider is AT&T

  16. Joe Smith says:

    They keep calling. Got to a second back call when I faked I needed a security system. ISI wanted all my billing information. I told them I wanted to talk to the installers first. Eventually they hung up on me. The telephone number from second call was here in Northern KY is (859)757-2867. I do not think they even have security systems but are trying to scam credit cards. They keep on calling and eventually hang up when they know the gig is up.

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