Caller wants to verify all prospect information but refuses to reveal her identity.

Continuing from the theme of my latest post. that dealers wish to remain hidden from view, it would be helpful to describe exactly how cagey and difficult they’ve become. Recently my spouse and I received repeated calls from 954-606-6576.  The call was the standard prerecorded “FBI” scare pitch and then a press 1 for more information. The live agent came on the line and announced “SECURITY PROMOTIONS” this is Donna. The pitch followed the standard script I outlined in the “Joe” post. They’re a ‘regional franchise” for Honeywell, along with the basic qualifying questions, “do you own your home”, “how many doors”, and the like. They offer a remote keychain device, but no “heat Protection” because I’m in Texas and that isn’t approved it seems. And of course everything is ‘free’ with the only requirement being a monitoring contract at “a dollar a day” which is actually $39.99 a month, $1.31 per day, or only 31% more than the pitch. I’m interested she thinks, so it’s time for the next step.

What she wanted to do next was  to get my personal information. Donna mentions that they’ll do a “Utilities type check”. I asked what that meant, are they going to call the electric company and city water? No, she says that companies like Equifax have a separate division where her company can buy data showing whether I’m current on my bills. If I’m late on the utilities they’ll consider me a poor risk. So I press her, asking if they’re just running a credit check. She’s unsure but doesn’t think it’s the same thing. Next, they check to see if my name is on the deed. How could they do that I asked? Easy, it’s public information and part of their process.

I’m begin to slow things down as I don’ t even know the name of their company and she wants my personal info. To reassure me Donna throws out the big name, “your contract will be with MONITRONICS one of the largest monitoring companies …”

Well, I’ve sure heard of them I tell her. Are you MONITRONICS?

Donna reveals that no, they’re NOT in fact MONITRONICS, they do “promotions for a lot of different companies”.

But who’s going to come to my home I query? And she begins to realize I’m not likely to be a sugar plum ripe for picking. Her job is to collect my information: Name, Address, DOB and give it to the “Verification Department”.. see they want to know all about you without even revealing the name of their company. Is that verification department her company or a dealer, I ask. Oh, it’s her company she replies.

What’s the name again? SECURITY PROMOTIONS, which we know is a big, fat, bold face lie. There’s no such company authorized to do business in my state, and no licensed entity by the TX Private Security Bureau. And with that, my calm pleasant, “I’m not too bright” approach got me  a hang up.

So my analysis is that they want to completely qualify and verify that you are a credit worthy homeowner with the ability to sign a contract with the monitoring company.  This is a bit of a change as before you could generally get them to reveal the name of the dealer. Now they are completely hidden from view. The Caller ID number is fake. They either lie and say that they’re HONEYWELL or use another big corporate name.

Are they running a credit report without telling you? Maybe they’re using an entity like the National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange.

I know we’ll get more calls so let’s see.


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