Who’s Really Behind Tom? Let’s Start Naming Names! Part 1 of # # # (Many)

I reached a point a few weeks ago where I realized that I have the information needed to reveal who’s behind Tom and his allies. As I’ve stated in previous posts, without the serious cash raised through Wall Street and Private Equity, and distributed by the major monitoring companies, the  dealers (both large and small) wouldn’t have the resources to pay for this unlawful telemarketing. Now I know, the dealers want us to believe that every person they call has “opted in”, and the monitoring companies want us to know that they have strict telemarketing guidelines their authorized dealers must follow. And yet here we are today, with individuals like myself getting calls into the second year. Our efforts at asking nicely have yielded little result. It’s time to show those who use up our cell minutes and tie up our lives that we’re tired of it. Here’s the first Installment:

From my handwritten log of October 12th, 2011: Call from 253-246-8535, “Tom with Home Protection”.

Who’s the recipient of this lead? Maximum Security Alarm, Inc., a Nevada Corporation licensed in my state of Texas as Max Security Alarm Inc. THE PRINCIPALS  ARE:

ANDREW HIGGINS (Pictured below)

DENNIS  HIGGINS (pictured Below)

DAVID HIGGINS (Picture Unavailable)

JARED BABE KILGORE (Picture Below) Qualified Manager in Texas

The company has no licensed employees acting as Alarm Salespersons or Installers in Texas and in fact there appears to be no presence in my home state at all. They are simply a marketing organization running a call center in the Sacramento Area of  California. They would need to use third party contractors who are fully licensed to do the installation work in Texas. I’ve spoken with staff, Senior Staff, and Field Investigators for the Texas Private Security Bureau and I have been told that without question, any person calling a Texas resident to discuss the sale of an alarm system must be licensed by the State of Texas. This requires an application with fingerprints, and the successful completion of a criminal background check.

Here’s the Max Security Alarm list of licensed employees with the Texas PSB and as you can see only the principals are listed:

So here’s my first effort at shining a spotlight on the people who are responsible for this ongoing campaign. What do we know about them? Well, we know there have been many lawsuits against them in Sacramento County Court, from employee payroll disputes to claims by their suppliers for lack of payment.

Follow the link and review Case # 2011-00102376, a pending default judgement against the three Higgins individually for over $600,000. Seems that they were behind in paying Honeywell (for equipment??) and that they signed individual guarantees, essentially piercing the corporate shield. The final court order has been delayed by request of Honeywell, perhaps to allow time for the Higgins to work out an arrangement. Oh, and they’re a dealer for Monitronics.

There will be much, much more!


4 Responses to Who’s Really Behind Tom? Let’s Start Naming Names! Part 1 of # # # (Many)

  1. thebigadawg says:

    Here in PA. Get these all the time. PA AG started sending me form letters in response to my DNC complaints; they can’t do anything, so you’re my man to get this done. I’ll start trying your technique of answering yes and getting through to humans to try to collect data on them.

  2. Carol Turner says:

    These jerks have been hassling me for the past two weeks. I’ve told them at least four times now to stop calling and the guy calls back an hour later! It’s always from 503-902-8279. I have a new cell phone from AT&T so either someone at AT&T is selling new numbers the instant they are issued to someone or the previous person who had this number was on a lot of spammer lists. Isn’t there some place to report violation when they call back after you say “put me on your do not call list.”

  3. Matt Wilson says:

    Babe Kilgore, formally of Siren Inc / Siren Home security, a failed security company based in Phoenix AZ, along with his half brother, Chad Rasmussen. Also co owner of Green Monster, a failed Solar Power company again, based in Phoenix AZ.

    Babe Kilgore has been running the same schemes for about 5 years now. They usually involve running teams of students, who go door to door doing high pressure selling of home security systems in various states, Just check out the various complaints on the net in relation to either of those companies to find out everything you show know before doing business with such a person!

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