UPDATE: Joe is with ISI Alarms and claims to be “Honeywell” or “Security Promotions”

In the post about Joe I mentioned that it took a while for me to figure out who it was, but sooner or later the dealers have to reveal themselves. I contacted Honeywell International directly after getting many. many calls from a dealer who only would say that they are Honeywell. I actually called to ask if Honeywell knew who it might be. They didn’t, but told me  that they had their legal folks looking into it. When I was able to get a caller to slip up and reveal the name, I called Honeywell back and reported it. Well, here’s the text of an email I sent Honeywell today as they requested. It outlines the bulk of the story.


Honeywell Security Group
Honeywell International
2 Corporate Center Dr # 100
Melville, NY 11747


I have received calls from representatives of the following company in which they have identified themselves as HONEYWELL SECURITY. This is not a claim made just at the beginning of the call, rather this is the response provided under direct questioning. The company is identified as follows:

ISI Alarms NC Inc.
CONCORD , NC 28027
License # B17456 (Texas Private Security Bureau)


From: 360-474-3278 16 (SIXTEEN) Calls beginning 3/8 through 4/2
From: 971-220-1121 11 (ELEVEN) Calls beginning 4/5 through 4/17
From: 253-246-8573  4 (FOUR) Calls beginning 4/17 through 4/19

TODAY 4/19/2012: 7 (SEVEN) Calls from 406-219-2103, 253-246-8573, 206-496-0439

Representatives generally start with saying they’re with “Security Promotions”, “Security Call Center”, or a “Franchise that covers the entire state” and begin their script, “Are you the homeowner?” and the like. After listening for a minute I have specifically asked questions like:

Q: Who are you with again, I just heard Security Promotions? ANSWER: HONEYWELL SECURITY
Q: But who does the monitoring, I know that Honeywell makes security equipment? ANSWER: WE DO, HONEYWELL.
Q: OK, who’s the guy that comes to install,who is he with? ANSWER: HONEYWELL SECURITY

I have personally spoken with ISI Alarm reps on a dozen occasions. The rep names include Donna, Norm (3 times), Joe (twice same day), Mike (twice), Michelle, Ralph (twice), Lindsay, and Lisa (who claims to be a “Dispatcher for Honeywell Security”).

On Tuesday 4/17, I spoke with Jarod Keesee at ISI Alarms who said he was a partner of the firm. I asked why they would use the name Honeywell, or Security Promotions, or any other name rather than their Texas Licensee name. What legitimate business purpose would that serve? He indicated that it was a decision made by the Senior Partner in charge of marketing.

I informed him that I had spoken with Honeywell on 3/29, 4/9, and 4/11. I was told that Honeywell did not approve of the use of their name in the manner described and that they had received a number of complaints. Also, Honeywell legal/compliance was investigating to determine who was making the calls.

I encouraged him to immediately stop using the name Honeywell and identify themselves by their proper licensed name. I also informed him that the Texas Alarm Code, Chapter 1702, specifically requires the use of the licensee name and number in all advertising, and that using a false name, such as “Security Call Center”  may be considered false, deceptive, or misleading which is prohibited under Texas Law. He indicated he would speak with the two other principals, Jay Waller and Kevin Klink, and would get back to me. To be clear, Mr. Keesee admitted that ISI Alarm has used the names Honeywell Security, Security Promotions, and Security Call Center and confirmed that Norman, Joe, and Mike are ISI Alarms NC employees.

On Wednesday, 4/18, I received an additional call from Mike (253-246-8573) announcing that he was with “Security Call Center”. He hung up the call very shortly into the pitch, perhaps recognizing my voice.

I called Mr. Keesee back at ISI Alarms and told him about the additional call. He indicated that he had met with Mr. Klink and that they had communicated with their staff to discontinue the use of the Honeywell name, but that the use of “Security Call Center” or “Security Promotions” would be continued at this time. Jay Waller the owner would have to make the decision to make that change.

Today, Thursday 4/19 I have received SEVEN Calls. I am in possession of a recording of a call received at 8:53 AM today in which the caller Michelle claims to be with Honeywell Security.

ME: So, your company is Honeywell, is that how it works?
Michelle: Yes

Michelle: And it’s a Honeywell System

ME: So the installer coming out would be a Honeywell person, or how would that work?
Michelle: Yes, it would be someone who works for Honeywell Security as well. They have proper identification on them and everything.

ME: Ok,uh…what if I suggested that it would actually be..uh… a vendor with say ISI ALARMS of North Carolina, does that company name ring a bell?
Michelle: …

No further communication as she hangs up on me.

The company was successful for about five weeks in hiding their actual identity from me and it has taken significant personal time and effort to reveal these people. This is not acceptable. Due to the lack of their response to the seriousness of this plainly outrageous conduct, I will very likely be filing a complaint about  ISI ALARMS NC INC. with (and/or forwarding a copy to) the following:

  • Compliance & Investigations, Texas Private Security Bureau,Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Greg Abbott, Attorney General, State of Texas
  • Rep. Sid Miller, Chairman,  Texas House of Representatives, Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee
  • Rep. Allen Fletcher, Vice Chairman,  Texas House of Representatives, Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee
  • Rep. Lon Burnam, Member, Texas House of Representatives, Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee
  • Sen. John Whitmire, Chair, Texas Senate, Subcommittee on Public Safety, Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee
  • Rosemary Lehmberg, District Attorney, Travis County, Texas
  • North Carolina Alarm Licensing Board
  • Electronic Security Association
  • Better Business Bureau

If I can provide any additional information about this matter please contact me directly at REDACTED. My personal information is NOT TO BE SHARED with ISI Alarms or any other third party.


Can you confirm that ISI is in fact an authorized dealer for Honeywell equipment? In addition, can you confirm that Honeywell has communicated with ISI about this matter and that ISI agrees to stop this practice?


Houston, TX


16 Responses to UPDATE: Joe is with ISI Alarms and claims to be “Honeywell” or “Security Promotions”

  1. CL says:

    This is awesome! Wonderful work! I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • kim says:

      i let isi alarms install what they said was honeywell equipment and had numerous problems, such as the installer talking anout his personal life instead of teaching me how to work the system an they would non stop call me before and after! i was so confused and still am but monitronics does the monitoring.

  2. Mac says:

    This cracks me up! I’ve gotten 8 calls from them in the last week as early as 6:00am. Why 6:00am? Because apparently unlike this company, I am in California! They don’t know where the heck they’re calling when they pick up the phone to bother people?

  3. telebuster says:

    Those telephone numbers belongs to Pacific Telecom Communications Group. They claim that they do not initiate illegal telemarketing calls, however they are involved in managing the calling lists for their “3rd party contractors” who make the telemarketing calls. Just try calling one of those numbers back and you’ll get Pacific Telecom’s automated call list system.

    Edited: Link-other information removed

  4. Johnny Stewart says:

    I have been recieving calls from some security company for about a year now. The way I found THIS website is because the woman told me I could make a complaint at http://www.securitypromotions.com but said site has no reference to the company she claimed she worked for. “Honeywell”. I looked through 3 or more pages and found “this” site. Everytime I got a call from these people, I asked to be removed from their list. However, the calls keep rolling in, sometimes 3 a day. I remember names only sometimes, and the only one I’m sure of is “Joe” and the caller today was “Witney”. Witney said she was independent self employed and had no bose. I ask if she just did this for free or didshe get payed. She said she was payed by Honeywell. I’m sure happy to see I’m not the only person getting frustrated by these people.

  5. Anderson says:

    They contacted me today at 4:30 CST and when I answered “Sergeant Anderson” they hung up.

  6. chris says:

    I also got them to tell me they were from ISI after going through several sales pitches. Most of the time they hung up after questioning them but one of them finally sliped up and gave out the real name of the company. Call up 1-800-650-2712 and ask for Shannon who is a superviser at the company and keep calling them to give them as much grief as possible. Also tell all your friends and aquiantences to call them too.

    • michael says:

      I use to work for ISI. It is a VERY shady company. They are now located in mooresville NC. To be fair, no one that is calling you guys likes teh job. You are not told going in that this is what the job is. Most people do not work at ISI for very long as they find another Job ASAP.

    • joe says:

      Watch out!!! Isi is now powerhome technologies. They had to change their name cause of the f rating with bbb. They will be calling again!! Cause they are already robo calling me again!!! Bastards!!

  7. Rob says:

    I’ve been getting calls for months from these people. Seems at least once or twice a week. Number today was 503-468-5110. Johnny said I’d get a free wireless system, blah blah blah for $41.99/mth. I too asked who the monitoring company was and he said Honeywell. I told him Honeywell makes the electronics but doesn’t do any monitoring and asked again so I can compare with companies like ADT, Monitronics (who I’ve been with for 5 years) etc. He hung up.

  8. Diane Lassan says:

    I JUST received a call from someone at this company. It came up on my caller ID as “ISI Calling”, phone no. 503-457-1367. My family is kind of dealing with a crisis right now, so I said call me back after the first of the year. I;m not thinking as clearly as I would be otherwise, but when I hung up I got suspicious and looked it up online. Which is when I found your tale. The male rep mentioned Honeywell without much prodding. Maybe because it’s a well known name. I’m relieved to know that they don’t know exactly where they’re calling. I was afraid that we might have been targeted because of my husband’s recent hospital stay. I’m seriously considering calling the local police to alert them. Would that even help?

  9. Charles Greever says:

    These people are now calling me non-stop with an automated dialer. I’m currently looking for the corporate board members and will be giving them a phone call. This is crazy.

  10. Cayman Diver says:

    nice work! I’ve been getting a couple calls a day. The one this afternoon was a little different. An automated attendant asking questions and trying to get me to a live person based on my responses. Spoke with an actual person and started asking questions. He did say ISI Alarms and I said I have not heard of them and then asked who was behind the alarm system, if it was ADT or who? He said ISI. Didn’t mention Honeywell but ISI has to be a reseller as your research has pointed out. I may go as far as setting up an appointment and then just not be home when they come out.

  11. Mike Brady says:

    I have received dozens of calls from a “Home Security” provider over the last few weeks. In the last two days, I received eighteen (18) calls from these criminals. This morning, after the second call in less than ten minutes, I decided to play the caller along. After getting past the recorded message. a representative got on the line and spewed a “canned” five minute pitch. Before I would say yes to an unidentified alarm installer coming to my house, I demanded to know what company he would be from? That’s when the telemarketer let it slip that he would be “an independent contractor representing ISI Alarms.” To confirm this information, I agreed to accept a call from their scheduler. Sure enough, twenty minutes later I received a call from a women identifying herself as being from “The Appointments Office at ISI Alarms.”

    This information, and the corporate office contact information for ISI Alarms, has now been turned over to our State’s Attorney General — Office of Consumer Affairs for civil penalties related to multiple violations of both state and federal DNC laws. The last outfit they went after paid a $20,000 fine without blinking an eye. Let’s shoot for $50,000 this time!

  12. Joe Smith says:

    Same problem here near Cincinnati. Got a local number (859)757-2867 from ISI Security after I asked for more information to install. SCAMMERS Called at least 50 times.

  13. Melissa Sarat says:

    I am receiving calls also from Security Promotions, and the number that comes through is a Central New York number, a land line with Verizon. Today I talked with one of their “reps” and as I have worked to get to the bottom of other scams, I began asking certain questions, but only found that they were located in Georgia and the number that was used to call me was an outgoing number, his words. I am in Central New York and have found that the number they used to call me is listed as a number of a person nearby…am researching that as well. Great work, Jim.

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