UPDATE: 253-246-8514 Calling John in Michigan

I briefly wrote about John from Michigan getting the Tom calls from the phone number 253-246-8514 last month, and I thought I would post an update on the activity surrounding this number. John emailed me a photo of his wireless phone’s call log screen which was filled with numbers associated with telemarketers.

I also noted that according to the site mycallbot.com there had been relatively few reported calls (about 50)  from that number. So let’s take a look at the same report four weeks later. We notice that the call volume has jumped dramatically to 333 calls.

It’s important to understand that these calls are being initiated by a telemarketer to generate home security alarm leads that can be sold to dealers. One poster on the 800notes.com site  identifies one dealer getting the lead as Vivint.

VIVINT HOME SECURITY / AUTOMATION (WWW.VIVINT.COM) is the culprit behind the teemareters calling me almost daily. Their number is 877-404-4131 (my telemarketer’s ext 55052). I was patient and answered all their questions, and after about a half hour, I said the battery power on my phone was about to expire and asked if there was a number I could call them back at from another phone. The caller trusted that I was a real potential buyer and finally gave me the telephone number and company information.

Others report the Caller ID screen as “DIRECT ACCESS” or “LHELP”.  It’s VERY HELPFUL to take a moment and answer the questions and be transferred to a live operator. This technique has led to the discovery of six main home security alarm dealers and almost a dozen so-called sub-dealers, those that feed appointments to the actual dealers. This helps build a pattern of conduct, and prove  that the primary monitoring company funding these dealers by purchasing these contracts knows about, or should have known about this unlawful activity.Of 238 posts on 800notes.com only TWO people actually identify the name of the dealer who got the lead. If we are to stop these folks we need the names of the people buying these leads.


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  1. Don says:

    I did the same thing and got the same phone number from “Spencer: Original call was from same number as well. I don’t want their security system and I’m on the DNC list.

    • maria says:

      I have told them on 4 different occasions that we live in military housing and can’t have a home protection.. and to removed my number and not to call and still they call..

  2. bdimag says:

    also 8515; they’ve called me 16 times since about the 25th of April.

  3. bdimag says:

    decided to call back to remove my number — of course it didnt work. Was called again (twice) today and told droid-tom that i was a homeowner and was forwarded to someone with Absolute Security Systems

    • Donna says:

      I agree with you. I have called the number back a number of times and asked to be taken of the list and I am still receiving calls! How do we get them to stop?

  4. bdimag says:

    Connected me to Absolute Security again, I had them set up an appointment and sent them to McDonalds LOL… their toll free number is 1-866-290-1790

  5. OhioCoastie says:

    Hmmm, that’s a familiar number. “Brett” from Home Security One called my cell twice today, at 3:58 PM and 6:33 PM, from the phone number (253) 246-8514. I’m on the DoNotCall.gov list.

  6. slr543 says:

    I’m getting out of AT&T if they cannot stop these slimeballs from calling people, esp. those who are already pushing the limits of their minute plans.

  7. lancewhite says:

    Thanks for the heads up over here. I got a call from a local number yesterday (after a year plus of the 503 area code numbers). Sadly we just bought a new house and have been contacting home alarm companies for quotes. The guy new my name but wanted a deposit just to send someone out. He got my address (as I thought it was someone I contacted and he knew my name).

    To end the call I asked for his number and then googled the 877-404-4131 number and found this thread. Scammed and now I’m worried they’re going to use the confirmation info from me to do something to my credit. I’ve written the AG of Florida to stop the calls from Tom but am wanting to do more now.

  8. Deanne says:

    I have lost count of how many times this number calls my cell per day and for how many months. They never leave a message. I am with T-mobile, so I can’t blame AT&T. I am not on DNC list but from what I see here, it wouldn’t matter. I just ignore the calls….but they still drive me nuts.

    • stevenw says:

      Just a thought, but if they call, tell them you already have a security system and are happy with the service. If they are selling leads, it just makes no sense to keep calling you. May not work, but can’t make things worse either.

      • caipar says:

        I tried that. They wanted to offer me a better deal than my current home security system.

  9. sandy says:

    OMG I just got 2 calls today myself. The 1st one I didn’t answer because I was on another phone but then I answered the 2nd and what a scumbag. I am also on DoNotCall but apparently that’s moot so of course I hung up and now I know any call from that number or anything similar not to answer.

  10. Deanna Ward says:

    These folks have called me so many times over the last two months and pay no heed to one asking to stop calling…why is there not a way to sue these folks since they are asked NOT to call and they think it’s a joke and just keep calling at ALL hours of the day

  11. greenmeanie says:

    Can someone explain WHY it is that they call at ALL hours? Do they really get business at 1AM? I’m still trying to wrap my brain around why they do what they do and HOW they do it. Yes they are scummers but can’t they figure out calling ppl at 1AM and 4 times a day isn’t going to work and it’s just wasting resources?

    Maybe I’m just being too logical about this.

  12. Carolyn Masini says:

    I just got called here in California at 7:47 this morning from 1-253-246-8514 and the identity on the caller ID is USF. I am pissed…

  13. deborah says:

    they keep calling me even after I put myself on the do not call list. calling me at
    7:34am is BS.

  14. Sue says:

    i have the same story as the rest of you….i fequently get calls from this number and even after i told them stop calling and i’m on the dnc list they still call. i have their # in my phone as Pains in the A$$ so i know not to answer it.

  15. Sue says:

    i also put in a complaint on the dnc reg website

    • Carolyn Masini says:

      I also posted a complaint on the DNC list. I again got a call around 10am this morning. I thought there was some law that solicitation calls could not happen before 9am??

      • Ken Waters says:

        yes, but 10 AM is after 9 AM, at least on earth.

      • Carolyn Masini says:

        Ken, If you read earlier in the thread the 10am call was the second I received that morning. The first one was at 7:43am.

  16. Geena says:

    Is there any way to get removed?

  17. VSJ says:

    Same issue. Get multiple calls a day from this number. I used to get calls from 503-902-8279.

  18. IM says:

    Folks – these calls are coming from ADT (actually from an “ADT Authorized Dealer”). The only way I can see to stop them is complain directly to ADT – their sales number is 866-865-5006 – ask to speak to the manager. The corporate number is 609-720-4200. If enough people complain directly to the source, it will stop…

  19. Conor says:

    I received a call on 5/30/2012, talked to a person asking to be removed, she promised I would be removed. Today, 5/31/2012, I received another call from 253-246-8514 and finally got some information. The company that I was transferred to was Vector Security, which handles calls for the North East. The woman also informed me it was for Honeywell. This woman promised me that I would be removed but doubtful.

  20. Nick says:

    Hi, I’ve been harassed with this for weeks with sometimes three or four calls a day at varying hours. Always from “Hi this is Tom from Home Protection.”.. but just now I got one from the number 971-220-1761 (Gresham, OR) that said “Hi, this is JAMES from FAMILY Protection” so it seems they are changing it up a bit.

  21. Charlotte says:

    Received three calls today from 253-246-8514 on my cell phone. Knew it was a telemarketer again. Never answer these calls and let them go to voicemail and as usual they never leave a message. Went to Verizon website and blocked this number amongst other numbers that are for the same thing. They stop for awhile and then come back with different numbers.

  22. 123 says:

    Scam 253-246-9514 and 503-902-.8270 tell them to not call you anymore and hang up. Tire of them tying up my cell phone!!!!

  23. Shaun J says:

    Over and over and OVER AGAIN! Thought I was talking to a real person on a crappy over seas circuit at first lol. You know they read these comments all over the web… I think its time to get the FBI involved right? lol

  24. Lisa says:

    About a month ago or so this number (253-246-8514) started calling my cellphone. I never answer, they never leave a message. The calls have now become more frequent with two already today (10:22am, 12:27pm) – I am on DNC lists but will now add that number to the “blocked” list on my cell. So incredibly frustrating!!

  25. Hector says:

    A class action suit should be filled, again those a$$(snipped)……

    • Johnny Stewart says:

      I’m for it. Problem is, the people making the calls are employed. Not saying we shouldn’t do this, but…Our country doesn’t seem to be doing so well. But then again, are “We the people” reduced to calling people and try to convence the m to buy something they can’t afford anyway?? Let’s sue!!

  26. Tim says:

    Thank you so much for creating this blog. I was able to stop these calls based on the information that is posted here.

    These calls are coming from Vivint.

    I called them at (801) 377-9111 and demanded to speak with a manager. I told them I was contacting my lawyer about the harassing calls, and have not received a single call since I did this last week.

  27. tmack says:

    Our government can defeat any country in the work in a war but can’t stop telelmarketrs from harrasing its citizens….. go figure

  28. GOD says:

    Now remember-
    When they ask you if you would like to be added to their NO CALL list they farm your number out to another entity.

    I get the same sales person everytime and i know who it is.
    Unfortunate for them Im trained in techniques more accurate than Remote Viewing

  29. KathyJN says:

    I don’t bother to tell callers like these not to call, or that I’m on the DNC list. It never works and remains a source of irritation. I just assign their number to a contact I have set up on my cell phone (called “JUNK”). I set this contact to ring voicemail directly. So I never hear it ring, but later I can see that this number, as well as many more that I have added to that same contact, continue to call. I wouldn’t know if I didn’t look at my history. Alternatively, you could assign a silent ringtone to that number and you won’t hear it, either.

    • Sarah says:

      I do something similar that I’d like to share with my fellow cellspam victims!

      I’ve just stopped answering unknown phone numbers on my cell. If it goes to voicemail and no one leaves a message, then I know its not a person who I actually need to speak with. I’ll google the number later and about 9 times out of 10, people online are complaining it’s a scammer. Then I save the number to a contact named SPAM and just don’t answer it if they ever call again. They usually don’t call me too much after that because I never answer, don’t have a voicemail answering message with my name, and don’t call back the number to “be taken off their calling list” (which I’ve read from various sources that it just adds you to more lists once you confirm you’re a person and not a dead phone number).

      But the silent ringtone is genius, KathyJN! I’ll definitely be adding that one to my tactic.

  30. How about this? Take the call and after a few comments tell the caller that it sounds interesting and you would like to three-way in your wife….could they please hold? Then dial in the complaint hotline number and have them get into a conversation with an agent.

    To register a complaint with the FCC you can fill out this form and/or call 1-888-Call-FCC

  31. Hilary says:

    They are now calling from 2 more numbers: 253-246-8514 & 503-457-1003. They call my work line about 3-4 x a day.

  32. Carolyn Masini says:

    I just got called again this morning and the new number is 253-246-8515. I’ve already filed a complaint with the FCC on the 8514 number…now going to add this one and block it on my phone.

  33. SyrDragon says:

    got calls from 503-902-8279 Matt Jefferson at “Security One” daily for weeks but when I said I will report him to BBB now I got one from “Family Protection” from 971-220-1761

  34. Chaz says:

    These guys are relentless. It’s an automated system that initially dials you…it nearly sounds like a real person. My best advice is to block that phone number on your phone.

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