AS REQUESTED: “Stop Tom” Contact Info

As requested via this site’s contact form asking for my individual contact info, please use the following email contact:

You can create a temporary or special use email address with Google or Yahoo for this purpose if you prefer to remain anonymous (i.e ””)

I will email my telephone number to the valid email address you provide if you wish to talk over the phone.








What can I do? How Do I Stop the Calls?

The most common questions I’ve received about the “Tom” calls relate to 1) stopping the relentless barrage of calls, often received on individual’s wireless phone,  and 2) what can they do to help with the overall effort to stop these calls. And to be clear, by “Tom” we mean any prerecorded, live, or agent assisted voice response call placed to sell monitored home security alarms.

Here are a few things to consider:

I am personally getting very few calls at this point. But I’ve spent hours and hours speaking with the offending organizations and now when I get a call from a robo-dialer, who still fails to identify themselves as required by law, when I’m transferred to the actual alarm dealer they just hang up. I presume they look at the number and it reflects some negative history and they just drop the call. But from a practical perspective here’s what you can do to limit the irritation: Read more of this post

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