I have personally received calls from “Tom” that have led to conversations with humans associated with the following sellers:

Maximum Security Alarm Inc. DBA (in Texas)  Max Security Alarm

Texas Alarm License # B16651, Sacramento, CA

Affiliated with Monitronics.

Premier One,  LLC –( Greenwire, LLC)

Not licensed in Texas. Orem, Utah

Affiliated with Security Networks.

Paramount Home Security –(– Elephant Group Inc.)

Not Licensed in Texas. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Affiliated with ADT Security.

None of these companies will admit to using Tom, nor will they identify the telemarketer that they claim to have hired. All run call centers, and may or may not have out-sourced the initial call from Tom.


         Versatile Marketing Solutions (VMS Alarms)

         Licensed in Texas. Warwick, Rhode Island.

         Affiliated with Monitronics.

This last group has been the most persistent as I’ve had THREE different attempts by them to THREE DISTINCT telephone numbers that I use. Based on my investigation, individuals employed by several of these firms (Exclude Paramount in FL) are connected as verified through Facebook, LinkedIn, and other sources. This is one giant interconnected (although loosely) operation.


7 Responses to Sellers

  1. RitaT says:

    Just so you are aware, I am in GA – and the gobs of information available on a google search for “Tom with Home Protection” show that this is a national problem, not just something in TX.

  2. pwa3 says:

    I just dealt with this nonsense today. You can add Vivint Home Security/Automation to the list of companies “Tom” refers out to.

  3. clark says:

    So, what are we supposed to do? I’ve been receiving these calls for months. What should I do to stop them? Or, in leui of that, how can I find out which company is responsible for these calls?

  4. thebigadawg says:

    Any idea which of the above if any would be targeting PA residents

    • TheBigC says:

      I live in Southeast Pennsylvania and am a Verizon cusotmer. I just got a call on mycell from some guy named Tim or Tom (I don’t think it was Tom and I can’t remember the name), but he said “This is so-and-so with home security,” and I told him, “I’m not interested and I don’t know why this number has been calling me over nad over again.” His response was very hard to understand and was something to the effect of “Sorry, sir” and “you’re not interested? Okay. We won’t call you anymore. And he just hung up before I could say anything else. The number that called me was 503-902-8279, and it called me twice today in just under 2 hours! I received like 5 or 6 calls from 503-457-1003 over the course of about day this month as well.

  5. robert harmon says:

    I know who VMS is and where VMS operates from. My name is Robert Harmon. i am an attorney that sues telemarketers. my email is

  6. Betty says:

    On October 18, 2012, the FTC agency will host a public summit on robocalls.
    Hope this meeting does some good!

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