Attention Dealers: Use a false name at your peril!

As you know, I’m just a Dad, business owner, and community leader who operates this blog as part of my individual efforts to curtail these home security calls. Like many of you I’ve been very busy handling my “regular” responsibilities, but rest assured there has been work behind the scenes.

I have found that a particular group, ISI Alarms of North Carolina, has been particularly aggressive in using a technique to disguise their identity and avoid sanctions such as litigation. They’re  very, very careful now, using the name “Security Call Center” or “Honeywell Call Center” or another name. This may be a short term barrier but it creates even greater liability for them. My state of Texas explicitly bans the use of any name or identity other than that of the licensed alarm company. Sanctions include criminal penalties to include a $10,000 fine and up to 1 (one) year in jail.

I’ll suggest to those alarm dealers and others in the industry who follow this blog, and I know that you do, you’ll continue this charade of phony names at your peril. Criminal investigations require resources but  carry more weight and more risk than a few thousand dollars paid to a pro se litigant.

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UPDATE: Joe is with ISI Alarms and claims to be “Honeywell” or “Security Promotions”

In the post about Joe I mentioned that it took a while for me to figure out who it was, but sooner or later the dealers have to reveal themselves. I contacted Honeywell International directly after getting many. many calls from a dealer who only would say that they are Honeywell. I actually called to ask if Honeywell knew who it might be. They didn’t, but told me  that they had their legal folks looking into it. When I was able to get a caller to slip up and reveal the name, I called Honeywell back and reported it. Well, here’s the text of an email I sent Honeywell today as they requested. It outlines the bulk of the story.

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